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10 Most Instagrammable spots in Cap Cana

Destination City Cap Cana is listed as one of the most colorful destinations in the Dominican Republic. That’s why today, we’ve got 10 top spots for the photo-ops of your dreams .


Api Beach Gazebo

One of the most iconic places in Cap Cana is the Api Beach gazebo. With California beach vibes, it makes us feel the essence of a beach trip while painting the sky with colors during the epic magic hour of the Cap Cana sunset.


Fishing Lodge

You can achieve the most summery and European side from a photo right in front of the Fishing Lodge entrance where the architecture of this condominium stands out with the peculiar colors that adorn it.


Juanillo Beach

The crystal clear waters and the miles of white sand will have you taking pictures nonstop. We don’t blame you, Playa Juanillo appears within the annual ranking of the best 200 beaches in the world by National Geographic.


Stables in Los Establos

For nature and horse lovers, Los Establos becomes the perfect place to appreciate life in the countryside within Cap Cana, and be able to take that shot of peace that is so longed for by users of social networks.


Lago Azul

The trendiest and most photographed lake in the area; this is a spot that simply cannot be missed when visiting Cap Cana. Here you can practice kayaking and paddle tennis; it’s the perfect place to have a good time. Waterproof cameras highly recommend for extra awesome content.


Cenote Hoyo Azul in Scape Park

Nature gives us impossible gifts and Cenote Hoyo Azul in the sustainable theme park within Cap Cana is the best example. Its blue waters lined with rocks and full of stories are the best setting to achieve a photo that breaks all standards within the social networks.


Saltos Azules in Scape Park

Adventure calls and for the most daring, this place within the park also invites you to capture the adrenaline of a day full of activities.


Driving Range at Punta Espada Golf Club

The photo that simply cannot be missing from your feed? The sunrising or setting from the driving range of the #1 golf course in the Caribbean and Mexico. No filters need, as the exuberant beauty that exposes the cliff of Cap Cana fills your lenses.


Larimar Spa at Hyatt Cap Cana

Being one of the most acclaimed spas in the eastern region of the country, Larimar Spa within the Hyatt Cap Cana hotel comes to break all paradigms. With rooms surrounded by Himalayan salts, beds with amber and quartz stones, and a rock-shaped hydrotherapy pool, Cap Cana houses the most Instagrammable spa in the area. With each step you take you cannot resist taking the photo that will undoubtedly adorn your feed indefinitely.


Farallon Fountain on Farallon Blvd

From marriage proposals to the modesty of bird watching, the Farallon Bridge has been one of the places with the most romantic testimonies in Cap Cana since its construction. If you want the simplicity of a city that has it all, during your visit, do not hesitate to take a souvenir photo that will make you value the small moments that can’t be experienced in a big city.