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10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Cap Cana

After 2020, we all realized the importance of physical and emotional health. The wave of people deciding to move to an environment that offers all the possibilities for good health, security, and peace came quickly.

Here are 10 things you should know before moving to Cap Cana:

  1. Peace: Immersing yourself in a peaceful environment is simple since the tranquility that exists in the city encourages and invites anyone to stay. You’ll easily make Cap Cana your forever home.
  2. Basic Services Covered: In Cap Cana, all basic or essential services are covered: electricity company, water provider, telephone and cable, supermarkets, health center, private security and fire station, schools, supermarkets, dry cleaners, shipping and cargo companies, financial institutions, etc…
  3. Luxurious Amenities: It’s not every day that we are in a place or live in a city where we have endless amenities that can make our daily life stand out with the highest standards and luxury. When you decide to move to Cap Cana, you can experience going to the gym with a sea view from PowerFit Studio, playing golf overlooking the impressive Farallon of Cap Cana, fishing in the only inland marina in the country, practicing this sport sustainably, and enjoying beautiful trails surrounded by exquisite nature.
  4. Forget Traffic: In this city, you will forget about traffic, crowds, and bumper to bumper scenarios. You will have the option to choose how and where you want to transport yourself, whether by bike, scooter, golf cart, or your car.
  5. Safety and Security: The safety the city provides is no secret. You can travel and enjoy it at any time of day, and be at ease with your security.
  6. Hotels and Attractions: The city has 8 hotels within it, so if you ever want to vacation, you can do so with the variety of hotel offerings along with attractions like Scape Park or El Dorado Water Park.
  7. Gastronomy: For lovers of good cuisine, there are more than 30 restaurants within the city for residents to enjoy, cultivating the love and art of both local and international cuisine.
  8. Relaxation and Well-being: The city highly values the rest and enjoyment of each resident, offering a wide range of places for relaxation and personal well-being.
  9. Beautiful Skies: If you like clear skies, this is definitely your place, as most of the year we have the most consistent climate in the country, and even during hurricane season, we can enjoy a beautiful blue sky and postcard-perfect sunsets.
  10. Creative Workspaces: Forget about working in chaotic offices and start expanding your creativity from the most beautiful city in the Caribbean: CAP CANA.