7 Tips to work on your wellness in 2022 While in Paradise

New year’s resolutions are about bettering yourself.  As usual in the Cap Cana community, many go straight for the health and wellness route.

“How you’re caring for yourself, how you’re doing nutritionally or with your diet, how you’re doing with sleep and relaxation,” said Dr. Richard Charles, Chief Medical Officer at General Physician.

A lot of people tend to take wellness into their own hands or put it off.

“People will say, the day after a holiday, jeez it’s a terrible time to come to a doctor. I actually think it’s a great time. I want to see people sort of when they’re at their lowest or worst because that’s a great starting point,” said Dr. Charles.

He says since the beginning of the pandemic—fewer people have been coming in for screenings and checkups.

“Between the teens and the 60s is where people don’t go to the doctor, particularly men,” said Dr. Charles.

So we prepared 7 tips to easily work on your wellness this new year:

Tip #1. Know your reasons

It helps to be clear about your goal to make it a habit, said Wakeman, who is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.
“The research we have on goal setting says goals are more likely to be achieved if they’re really relevant to you as an individual and not abstract like ‘I should stop drinking because drinking is bad,’ ” she said.
Concrete goals such as embracing new sleep habits or an exercise routine will help you get to your goals easier

Tip #2. Make a game plan with your doctors

Dr. Charles says a lot of people come in with weight loss goals or want to get off of medications and that many of these things are possible with a plan, come in with a list of things to address.

“Where are you with cardiovascular risk, where is your cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose. Set up a game plan of what tests you should have, what procedures. We all make time to look at our portfolios for retirement, we should take time to look at our portfolios for our health,” said Dr. Charles

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Tip #3. Set small, achievable goals

Improve your sleep, go to bed a few minutes earlier, walk a couple of times a week, stretch for 15 minutes in the morning, practicing gratitude may be for 5 minutes a day.

Tip #4. Refill your water bottle hourly

This simple habit can ensure that you’re drinking enough water. One in five kids and young adults reported not having a single drop on a given day, according to a JAMA Pediatrics report, and adults often don’t get enough either. Your body needs fluids to maintain proper functioning, and dehydration may lead to constipation, dizziness, confusion, and low blood pressure.

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Tip #5. Take a lunchtime stroll

Research shows that a 15-minute midday walk boosts concentration and energy throughout the workday. It’s also a long-term boon: In a recent study, older adults with mild cognitive impairment who completed a regimen of moderate-intensity treadmill walking performed significantly better on cognitive tests than before they started working out. MRI scans suggest that exercise may regulate blood flow to the portions of the brain that are associated with memory, cognition, and language/speech processing.

Tip #6. Breathe like a yogi

Studies suggest that 20 minutes of yoga breathing can lift your mood and even improve your memory. Try this alternate-nostril technique: Make an L with your right thumb and first finger; take a deep breath; press the right side of your nose with your thumb to block your right nostril; exhale; inhale through your left nostril; block your left nostril and release the right; exhale; inhale. Switch sides; repeat.

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Tip #7 Think of food in energy terms

Quality calories from veggies, fruits and proteins fuel your body to do the things you love, like jogging or riding a bike, says Jackie London, M.S., R.D. So instead of worrying about a number, consider what you’re going to need the energy for 30 minutes to three hours after a snack or meal — can you really power through your fave spin class on a measly rice cake?