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8 Over-The-Top Suites Around The Caribbean To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Source: Essence

By: Kimberly Wilson

Nothing quite says luxury than hopping down to the Caribbean and treating yourself to an over-the-top suite that includes unimaginable amenities, best-in-class service, and of course, breathtaking views. Because, after the year we’ve all had, who wouldn’t want to go all out on a giant, once-in-a-lifetime, totally over-the-top vacation?

When it comes to the Caribbean, a suite is more than just a suite: it could be a villa, a penthouse, an over-the-water bungalow, or sometimes, even an entire estate. No matter the term for it, whether it features en-suite infinity pools, famous guests, butler service or private chefs, these hotel suites represent the best of the high life. And when we say the crème de la crème of hotel accommodations in the Caribbean, we mean it. So here’s your chance to start planning your next Caribbean escape — or at least start saving to add it to your travel wishlist.