Sunny days are coming, it means very hot weather for us, and hopefully, we have a lot of funny experiments to make at home. We are creating our own Spa pharmacy at home, using our favorite recipe. Body mists are so refreshing and smell great. Normally we can use it to have them on the purse and you spray it on your skin, it feels so relax and energize your brain, It has a lot of more benefits.Body mist lasts less than a perfume, remember they are made with lighter formulas, they are always a good idea.What do we need?ü  Get an atomizer container of 2 ouncesü   1 tbsp. any kind of vodkaü  Distilled water or purified water (Regular drinking water)ü  Lavender essential oilü  5 drops of orange juiceAdd the vodka, Lavender essential oil, and the orange juice drops on the atomizer container; fill the rest of the way with the water. Shake well for a few minutes and enjoy it. If you have a label with you, it will be amazing, you have your mist as a professional Body mist can be used all day long, now go and be fresh all day.