Source: Arecoa

ADETI expressed its appreciation and support to David Collado for his appointment as the next Minister of Tourism, while proposing initiatives and actions that encourage the growth of the country’s tourism real estate sector.

Jorge Subero Medina, President of ADETI, expressed that “we are aware of the great challenges that Collado will have to face in the midst of this health and economic crisis that the country is experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are confident that it will count with the effort and collaboration of all the actors in the sector to face them ”.

“In these times, promotion in national and international markets will be everyone’s job. We should highlight the benefits of real estate tourism, guaranteeing the highest standards of health and safety, as well as the use of technologies and consistency in service offerings, so that the user can comfortably carry out their work and daily life from the selected destination, since it’s not a luxury, but a lifestyle, through the integration of the whole community ”, he stressed.

He expressed the support and willingness of ADETI to work together on an agenda of public initiatives that stimulate the growth of the real estate tourism sector as a catalyst for the country’s economic development.

Within these they contemplate the need to modify Law 158-01 on the Promotion of Tourism Development to extend for an additional period of 5 years the benefits and exemptions given to classified projects that are in operation as well as those whose construction is in progress. process.