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Source: Revista Mercado

Revista Mercado if now offering an exclusive series of tourism reopening interviews sponsored by Banco Popular through their digital channels. These interviews are focused on the reopening process carried out by tourism business connoisseurs, who tell us about the experiences, perspectives and points of view on the crisis generated by COVID-19.

Jorge Subero, President of the Dominican Association of Real Estate Tourist Companies (ADETI), speaking with the editorial team of Revista Mercado. ADETI is an association that develops real estate for the tourism sector and contributes about 8 million dollars to this industry in the country; We create a lifestyle, we talk to a community, we develop a community rather than a vacation, “said our interviewee.

¨The reopening of tourism must be divided into two, the hotel and the real estate tourism. Tourism will gradually open and the real estate tourism sector, which did not close, only had to  provide the best service and live up to all protocols established for this time of pandemic, “he said.

¨I have always said that this process is ¨a bump¨, and the exit will be gradual, it will take between 18 or 24 months; We have a spectacular infrastructure as a country, we are in the best situation than others, this is temporary and it will only be an apprenticeship ”, he emphasized.

¨Nobody wants to be in places with crowds of people, so they go where they can spend it in another manner; teleworking has helped to make those kinds of decisions, it has changed the lifestyle, the Internet has educated us and taught us to work remotely, obviously.

Cap Cana has recovered, it is an ambitious project that allows us to adapt to current conditions. It has an extension to up to 82,000 approved rooms, which gives us the possibility, within 120 million square meters, to place rooms according to a changing market.

¨The most important thing that the DR has is its people, we are the greatest attraction that the country has, the process will be gradual and will not be easy, but we will recover, we will come out well and solid, we will learn a lot from this moment.”