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ADETI: Tourism Real Estate May Benefit From #StaySafe Days

Source: El Dinero

Real estate tourism in the Dominican Republic maintains it’s operations with buyers who decide to enjoy them permanently. The confinement caused by Covid-19 had allowed the diversification of the offer of ADETI, despite the limitations of the emergency state in which the country is.

This is stated by Jorge Subero Medina, Executive President of Cap Cana and the Dominican Association of Real Estate Tourism Companies (ADETI), emphasizing that this is because a large part of the users of this type of tourism have preferred to be in their second home rather than being in the city.

“The social constraint we are facing today will allow us to evaluate our lifestyle and will give real estate tourism developments the opportunity to be evaluated as a main destination,” emphasized Subero Medina, after acknowledging that this concept of tourism is not very popular in this country.

Challenges of the industry facing the Corona Virus

The top executive of Cap Cana highlighted that the worldwide crisis generated by the Covid-19 has modified people’s lifestyle, therefore has pushed many to look for safer places with less housing density, that allows them to improve their  life quality. This is where real estate tourism developments play their role as the “perfect places” for these purposes.

User of properties that are located around a golf course, a sports marina or in front of the beach, are more demanding than the traditional hotel tourist. This is because their stay is not ephemeral and the user is more independent when deciding the quality of the service provided. This includes the technological access to telework. “The great challenge of this sector is to guarantee the highest technology, as well as the optimal and consistent quality in it’s service offerings so that the user can comfortably carry out their work operations and their daily lives from the selected destination”, Medina asserts in the report “Sectoral Reflections on the New Normal Impact in the Dominican Republic”, by Trilex Legal.

He adds that the tourist real estate user, is involved in basic services such as hiring a chef, driver, pool cleaning, gardens, payment of energy, water, condominiums, among others, for their exclusive enjoyment, thus penetrating into the culture of the place, after acquiring a property title. “I think that the post-coronavirus stage will be a great challenge for this type of tourism and the sector will be surely strengthened,” expresses the president of Adeti.