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Alternative Balnearies to Beaches


We’re all about sunny beach days, but if you’re visiting us and you’re not a so much of a beach lover we have other options for you. These are the natural pools that you cannot miss in Cap Cana:



Lago Azul

Swimming becomes a journey when you can discover one of the most magical places in Cap Cana.


Cenote Hoyo Azul

Discover a hidden cenote and enjoy the most impressive turquoise waters that nature can offer. This exotic journey will bring you face to face with the incredible ecosystem of the Caribbean.


Saltos Azules

Jump from our Mabo rope, take to the skies on our Macuya swing, slide and thrill on our monkey bar, and get on our water hammocks that will take you at full speed and splashing in these refreshing waters surrounded by ancient caves and impressive waterfalls.


Cave Swim

Immerse yourself in this mystical underground spring and experience the genuine sensation of swimming in these invigorating waters, previously used by ancient natives for sacred rituals.