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With all the daily duties to do at home, we NEED a massage. Turn the spa music on to create a spa environment, aroma of your preference would be great since we need to feel relaxed and pampered all the times.

Massages have multiples benefits: reduce pain, create bonding experience, help blood circulation and serves as a good distraction.

Start the massage by wearing comfortable clothes. Normally massages take 50 or 80 minutes. We start to massage the body with the face down, starting with the feet, making pressure with thumbs, then shake the entire body with both hands. Now, use the oil of your preference, starting with a back massage, with both hands open, making a soft pressure, performing circular movements. Do this technique 6 times in a row.

Then with a large movement go into the neck and the lower back 4 times in a row. Repeat this focus on the lower back 4 times.

Now slide to the legs. Make pressure by repeating 5 times and focus on the twin’s muscles, now we proceed to work the feet, with your thumbs making soft points pressure, repeating 5 times for 5 or 10 minutes in each foot.

We proceed to turn over and starting to work the neck with the fingers closed and very soft pressure, 4 times in a row. Slide to the arms with the same technique but with both hands and more pressure. We will work the hands similarly to the feet, with the thumbs and medium point’s pressure. Then we proceed to work legs with your fingers together with medium pressure.

Now, take a couple of hours to take a nap. We recommend you drink a glass of water with lemon.