Source: El Espectador

The best courses in the Caribbean are on this island, where the experience of playing is designed differently for everyone. Here the canvas never goes blank. From the air the landscape resembles a painting by Van Gogh: the sea with blues of all shades, clear, dark, delicate, all mixed in a perfect way. The rocks and beaches of yellow burned, others more pale pulling to white. The grass, green on, that is illuminated by the sun’s rays. An impressionist work of art that becomes a unique experience. Being there, facing the waves, hearing the awesome sound that is generated when they hit the rocks, in addition to the wind and the feeling of having to fight it in each hit with thousands of rivals, make playing golf in the fields of the Dominican Republic as demanding as it is exciting.

Punta Espada is a magical golf course. It is located in Cap Cana, about ten minutes from the Punta Cana International airport. It was designed by the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus and offers the best quality of services for the player. Nearby there are luxury hotels with all the amenities, here nothing is included and the green fee costs more than USD$350 and you really get for what you pay, a luxury golf experience.

A swing is a brush stroke that can come out precise or end in a blur. The challenges here are huge because its necessary to have certain skills to play here. The best decision for amateur golfers is to enjoy how beautiful the place is and not to compete. Of course, on this island there are spaces for golf games of all colors and flavors.

Coastal fields, with wind, narrow fairways and sands instead of roughs, as well as open, green courts and without major complications. Also, the plan here is not just game and sport. The beaches are exceptional, the food is delicious and the comfort of the luxury hotels is ideal to take a few good days of rest.