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In the month of May the Cap Cana Marina received a report of 35 blue marlin catches and 82 bites. In this month the Ambar Boat & the Eight Eight boat achieved a grand slam. A grand slam is when on a single day of fishing one releases, a white marlin, a blue one and a sailfish. The white marlin can be fished 5 miles from the Cap Cana Marina at this time. While the blue marlin can be fished about 25 miles from Cap Cana Marina around Macao Beach.

That Marina Cap Cana supports the fishermen of Macao by providing rope for the construction of rafts for fish farmers two times a year. This helps both, the fishermen in their daily work and the fishermen who for sport follow the Blue Marlin to live the experience of fighting a marlin. The blue marlin is one of the most difficult to catch, because of its size, compared to white marlin. You can check out the Cap Cana Marina’s reports at their Instagram page! @MarinaCapCana