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“Cacú: a change for life” Documentary

An environmental and nature conservation documentary, directed and written by Marvin Cid.  Marvin documented the history of five fishermen from Manresa for four years. Manresa is a marginal neighborhood to the west of the District National of Santo Domingo. In this production, you can see their conversion process from predators of sea turtle nests to conservationists of these species. This process was led by marine biologist Omar Shamir Reynoso, who implemented a unique plan in the Dominican Republic, which consists of involving fishermen and the community in conservation activities.

After its tour around important environmental festivals, the documentary Cacú: a change for life arrives at Fishing Lodge Cap Cana city destination.

The film has been screened at major environmental festivals such as; the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC and the Green Vision Environmental Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, where it won the Grand Prix. Cacú: a change for life also was chosen at the Icarus Festival of Central America and the Biennial of Scientific Cinema of Madrid, where it was a finalist, among others.

The film presents different environmental and social problems, it leads the viewer to learn about the biology of sea turtles.

The documentary relates the story of Cacú, a turtle of the Tinglar or Lute species, the largest of all species with a length of about two meters and weighing more than 600 kilos. On May 29, 2014, in the middle of a rainy night, a large female approached the sand, which at the time was surrounded by rubbish and debris.

The turtle approaches the shore with her huge fins, making a hole in the sand begins to lay her eggs. The spawning time ends, and this huge Tinglar turtle that measures one meter 75 centimeters (5’8″) is marked for the first time and baptized with the name of Cacú. Two months later, their young hatch on the beach in the same neighborhood.

The entire script of the documentary addresses Manresa as the place of sanctuary of these enormous marine species and the process of education and sensitization of their fishermen to turn them into the new protectors of the turtles in the Dominican Republic.

The Cap Cana Foundation has the honor of screening this documentary for the benefit of their Coral Reefs restoration program.

After the documentary, we will have the opportunity of meeting the creators of Cacú; Marvin Cid and Omar Shamir Reynoso. They will be sharing their experiences and answering public questions.

Location: Fishing Lodge Theater
Date: Sunday 18th
Time: 5:30 pm
Price: RD $300 p/p

To reserver, your ticket click HERE or  email us at Info@fundacioncapcana.org


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