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Travel Leaders Group in its latest travel trends survey  highlighted that cruise ships dominate the first place in the US domestic and international travel categories in the current 2018 year .

So in its top 5 international travel trends, Cap Cana , Dominican Republic ranks number 5 with the largest cruise ship visit. While Caribbean cruises and Cancun , Mexico, respectively, maintained the first two places, while European river cruises rose from one place to another. The cruises for the Mediterranean received the fourth place.

In the category of domestic trips, Alaska jumped to first place from the fifth place last year to become the US national holidays most reserved for 2018, while Orlando was down a step to second place.


Rank2018 Top International DestinationsRank ‘17
1Cruise – Caribbean34.7%1
2Cancun, Mexico28.3%2
3Cruise – Europe (River)23.1%4
4Cruise – Europe (Mediterranean)17.4%8
5Cap Cana, Dominican Republic17.2%6
6Rome, Italy16.0%5
7London, England15.5%3
8(tie)Amsterdam, The Netherlands12.6%12
8(tie)Montego Bay, Jamaica12.6%9
9Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya, Mexico11.4%10
10Paris, France11.1%7

In addition, the most “promising” destinations are Iceland , New Zealand , Thailand , Vietnam and Croatia . Also, of the respondents who book trips to the Caribbean, 45.6% said that their 2018 reservations in the Caribbean are almost the same as last year, while 13.3% said that their reservations in the Caribbean are higher. When it comes to cruises in the Caribbean, 71.7% said that these reserves are greater than or equal to last year’s reserves.

Ninan Chacko , CEO of the Travel Leaders Group said “It is important to note that interest in the Caribbean, whether it is a cruise or land-based travel, remains high,”and highlighted that “Cruising overall, whether it’s to the Caribbean, a European river cruise or a cruise in the Mediterranean, is a popular vacation pick for Americans due to the multiple destinations one can visit, along with the tremendous value and convenience cruises offer.”

The key findings of the travel trends survey 2018 of the Travel Leaders Group include the US domestic and international destinations, as well as the main Canadian destinations and the main “promising” destinations.

More than 1,300 travel agents participated in the survey, which provides an authorized barometer of what consumers in North America are booking most frequently.