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Source: El Dinero

With an investment of more than US $ 1,150,000, Cap Cana and the company ENSO, of the MARTÍ group, installed a solar park of 3,528 solar panels with a capacity of 1.5 MW and an energy production of 2,350,000 KWH per year in the hotel, residential and tourist destination.

The start-up of this project will cause a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emmisions, and air pollutants, estimated at more than 1,766 tons per year. This project is part of a strategy to produce energy in an environmentally friendly way, being one of the first tourist destinations to venture into this type of initiative.

Cap Cana has infrastructures of services of international standards that offer all its residents, guests and visitors, optimal facilities and comfort to enjoy a unique lifestyle. It has one of the most robust and safest power generation systems in the country; it energy distribution system is underground in 95%, which guarantees greater security in the distribution of clean and safe energy.

Cap Cana, valuing the importance of energy development based on renewable energies, once again shows its commitment to protecting the environment and tourism in the Dominican Republic