Source: Arecoa

With the participation of 16 vessels from the Dominican Republic, the United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands, the Sixteenth version of the “Cap Cana Classic Tournament 19” was successfully completed.

The Black Gold, from Florida, won first place as the best vessel of the tournament by accumulating 3,000 points. The second place in this category was obtained by “Eight Eights”, while the boat “Tease Me” obtained third place.

The award ceremony of the winners took place in a festive closing ceremony, held on the terrace of Ancora Hotels. The event was attended by the director of Marina Cap Cana, Silvano Suazo and a large presence special guests, fans & lovers of sport fishing.

The winners obtained cash prizes, fishing tools and certificates to stay at Marina Cap Cana and Club Náutico de Santo Domingo.

In the women’s category, Jill Jakes, aboard the Eight Eights boat, won as the best fisherwoman.

Domingo Viyella obtained the Best Angler award of the tournament aboard his boat, Grace. José Gómez and Mike Mc Carthy of the Black Gold boat obtained second and third respectively.

After praising the enthusiastic participation of the crews, Suazo appointed the enormous potential in fishing tourism and thanked for the support shown each year at international events such as the Classic Marina Cap Cana.

He also thanked the incursion of new sponsors & the permanent support of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), Banreservas and the Martí Group with the Tropigas, Volvo and Fiat brands.

“We are very happy to have received 16 boats in this tournament and take pride and the large number of American vessels that participated and trusted us. This is very important for future tournaments,” said Marina Cap Cana’s executive at the event.