Source: Fundación Cap Cana

The celebration of the DR Jazz Fest 2019 translates into an important event for the Cana Foundation as it managed to hold the event within Cap Cana without the use of straws and plastic drink stirrers. This action is part of the Cap Cana Foundation’s commitment to the preservation of the environment and its social awareness program. In the statement issued to the establishments that participated in the event, the reason for this initiative and its benefits were explained, the most important being to reduce the use of plastic, to avoid environmental pollution and to promote an ecological environment that helps the permanence of our ecosystems.

Los Establos is a great ally of the Cap Cana Foundation since they are working hard to obtain the renowned “Green Certification” granted by Ecoservices, one of the leading environmental institutions in the Eastern Region of the Dominican Republic. They currently have 86% of the process completed and approved by Ecoservices. Api Beach was also part of this straw free initiative with the Jam session on Friday.

It is important to mention that since this straw and drink stirrer free initiative was not communicated to the general public, they were also granted to the client if they were desired. We will reinforce this practice in following events to a higher extent. We encourage our community to limit their use of plastic straws for the sake of Planet Earth’s future!