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Source: The Weekly Wave Editors | CEPM

The electric car boom is an up & comming trend that we support. Electric vehicles are reaching the “end of the beginning”, as businesses and consumers recognize their importance and begin to embrace electric vehicles en masse. We have noticed the community of Cap Cana is being conscious about their transportation choices. Tesla’s & other electric vehicles now cruise around Cap Cana. This is why we have decided to install electric car chargers in different points within Cap Cana.

One of them is located at the VIP parking lot of the Marina. While your car is charging you can visit a friend, have a drink at Api, ride one of the free bikes, or even dip your toes in the ocean and sand. Another charger is located in front of the Phase II building in Ciudad las Canas. Here you can have lunch at Caffeina, shop for some groceries at the market or even visit the beauty salon while your car charges. A third one is located at the parking lot of Punta Espada Golf Course. Practice your swing, buy those new golf shirts at the Logo Shop or dine at the renovated restaurant at the Club House. Convenient much?

Here is some relevant information regarding the chargers:

How does the re-charge system work?

Download an app and add funds to your account. You will be able to charge your vehicle with the available balance in your app wallet.

How many kilometers can I drive with one charge?

It all depends of the car battery, how the driver drives, the vehicle and the conditions of the street. For example, a Tesla Model 3 can be drived on average for 400 KM on one charge.

How long does it take to charge a vehicle?

You can take the battery to an approximate 80% charge in 30 minutes.

Let’s head towards a green future!