cap cana

Cap Cana is ready for the Heat Awards 2022

The seventh edition of the Heat Awards is TODAY and the corner and its presenters are more than ready to take on this challenge of not only leading the development of the gala but also revealing all the winning artists to the public.

One of them is María Laura Quintero, who claims to be immensely happy to be with the Heat again and is looking forward to Thursday night.

“Right now I’m connecting with all the artists. I want to convey to people an emotion full of color and energy at the moment of saying the winners”, highlighted the also actress.

Likewise, the singer and presenter Goyo commented that these awards are the ideal opportunity to show her personality and share with everyone who supports her.

“In addition to cheering and singing, I will be presenting fashion proposals. I like to communicate through my clothing”, highlighted Goyo.

For his part, Sebastián Villalobos, one of the presenters on the red carpet of this gala, said that for him this parade is a magical moment where everyone has their first meeting and is waiting for what is going on to happen in the show.

“I like to be free and as natural as possible, I prefer to be myself while doing my job,” said Villalobos, who is also nominated in the Influencer of the Year category.

He said that this nomination is a “pretty big” recognition and that he feels very honored that they take into account his work as a content creator for more than 11 years.

While for others it is a challenge, as is the case of the comedian and influencer Marko because he says he feels very nervous because it is a new facet for him.

Despite this, he feels very happy about the opportunity and assures to contribute his comic style and a “touch of madness”.

“I am a creator of content on networks and having the joy of reaching such important awards is a true honor. With this, I think I’m giving a message to those kids who are dreaming of a telephone, that it can be done and that they’re on the right track,” said Marko.

In addition, the urban singer Bulova said that he will announce a category and that, together with his nomination for Best Dominican Urban Artist, this contributes a “grain of sand” to the Dominican urban movement that has been growing in recent years.