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Source: Listín Diario

Dominican artists see a light in the middle of darkness. Their concerts now go live through social networks and they begin to generate income, which during the quarantine seemed to disappear.

Sponsoring companies

Some brands or companies such as Presidente, Brugal and Cap Cana have chosen to bring free entertainment to Dominicans, hiring artists to make a show from their business platforms.

The merengue player Manny Cruz participated on Thursday from Capcana in the « Capcana Sunset Concert », a live festival to the senses that is transmitted through their YouTube channel.

Manny told journalists from LISTÍN DIARIO that the experience is very fun, because although there was no audience, playing with friends and colleagues is « a magical experience » for him.

“Within these concerts all the necessary measures are taken and, of course, there is no public, only the musicians and the recording team, the stage is on the beach at sunset and it is shown live on the official YouTube channel and the Cap Cana channel ”, he said

Then he added: « It is a very good experience because even though there is no audience, you can sing again, do what you are passionate about and that is fantastic in the midst of this situation. »

Diomary La Mala also gave his voice for this festival, on May 29. The Dominican singer-songwriter delighted everyone with her musical repertoire and her melodious voice, from an open stage with the seascape in the background.

The « live » concerts have an advantage: despite the fact that you cannot have direct contact with the artist, the content remains recorded on the digital platform and can be viewed as many times the user wants.