The Forjando Un Futuro Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in September 2013 in the Dominican Republic.

With the goal of helping families in the eastern part of the country who are in poverty through community development projects,  expanding its field work to the following areas: Education and Culture, Health and Hygiene, Awareness, Infrastructure and Sanitation , Income Generation and Environment.

The Forjando Un Futuro Foundation receives generous contributions from individuals and companies who recognize the importance of investing in social development to achieve real change in the world. Another way of perceiving funds is by celebrating multiple renowned charity events and activities like the Zumbathon, Good Will Market and the Cap Cana Golf Cup.

The Forjando un Futuro Foundation, through its pillar project “Pequeñas Cometas Day Care Center” has contributed to the care of underprivileged children in the community of Nuevo Juanillo, providing care and quality education while their parents work in companies and projects in the region.  Donations help to provide for the following within the Pequeñas Cometas Day Care Center:

Daily feeding of children
Breakfast, lunch and snack in complete, nutritious and balanced diet according to the children different age groups.
Services of teachers and psychologists
Constant supervision, quality education, evaluations and other services.
Spending and educational materials
Books, pencils, notebooks, paint, putty, among iothers.
Purchase of furniture
Mattresses, air conditioners, tables, among others
Services pay
Water, electricity and telecommunications.

You also have the opportunity to invest in the future of a community that needs you … Cheer up!

For anonymous donations, you can deposit the sum of your preference to one of the following BDI Bank accounts:

Checking Account  in Pesos: 4060008522
Savings Account in Dollars: 4010094552