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Christmas Boat Parade 2020

The destination city Cap Cana started Christmas with the celebration of the traditional boat show “Christmas Boat Parade” of marina Cap Cana.

With the participation of 22 boats in a family and festive atmosphere, the owners showed all their creativity and ingenuity by decorating their boats with hundreds of light bulbs and different Christmas themes, making the parade a vibrant and magical show.

Marina Cap Cana, due to its inland construction and its large size, made it possible for all participating boats, with a size between 80 to 120 feet long, to display and maneuver simultaneously and safely in a unique show in the Republic Dominican and the Caribbean. Each boat on its way out, navigated through the delicately lit marina canal accompanied by Christmas music, received the applause of the public.

The Christmas Boat Parade, an original and exclusive event in its class, displayed the beauty and nautical possibilities of the Marina Cap Cana. Receiving the most beautiful season of the year, the activity began at 6 in the afternoon and for two hours, owners, residents and guests of the hotels in the destination city walked around the marina taking care of the corresponding social and health distancing, in a space of seven thousand square meters divided into five zones, cheered with presentations of Christmas music arranged in 4 platforms located in different areas with groups of saxophone, violin, piano, cello and a band playing Christmas themes. Also, they enjoyed the participation of more than 20 Christmas characters from elves, soldiers, snowmen, reindeer, gingerbread cookies “gingerbread”, ending with the show of The Rockettes and the appearance of Santa Claus from a high balcony, speaking to those present, wishing you the best compliments. The Christmas Boat Parade culminated with a fireworks display.

The most creative boats were awarded, standing out among the most colorful the boats “Tremendura”, “Isabella”, “Para Papá, Pirate Ship sponsored by Arce Dominicana, the Target Lux Spa Ship, the Scape Park catamaran with Santa’s sleigh, the Reindeers and Rudolf represented by the Fishing Aficionado boats, La Marta with the Marine Jellyfish, as well as the boat converted into a Blue Marlin by Cap Cana Real Estate.