Covi Quintana is a Dominican singer-songwriter who fell in love with the guitar at an early age and since then it has been her best friend. At a short age  Covi  has been developing her repertoire in every bar in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Punta Cana, charming all with her style, her voice and her songs.

Covi had the pleasure of sharing stage with renowned international artists like Jarabe de Palo, Franco de Vita, Bacilos, Kany Garcia, Sin Bandera and with locals of the stature of Milly Quezada, Victor Victor, Pavel Nunez, Maridalia Hernandez and other artists of the music scene.

Her songs tell stories that transport to the realities of life that many desire to accomplish. Influenced by the best of ilatin pop, american rock and folk, she has given life to her first album “Imagination” produced by the 7 time Grammy Winner, Allan Leschorn.

This coming Saturday August 1st @ El Pub del Teatro, come to witness and chant to Covi’s “Invention”!