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DID YOU KNOW? March 20 was the International Day of Happiness.

March 20 was the International Day of Happiness. Did you also know that being near the beach can make you significantly happier? The benefits of living near the beach go from a perfect sun tan to having a daily inspiration. Water gives our brain a chance unwind and it also gives us a chance to be more creative. The color blue has shown to produce feelings of relaxation and security and we sure have all the blues at Cap Cana. The harmonic frequencies of waves have a huge impact on decreasing cortisol levels, the hormone that causes stress.

To commemorate the International Day of Happiness we suggest you take some time off! Disconnect and dedicate some time to your happiness and maybe go to the beach, you will sure not regret it! In case you cant make it to the beach, here’s a picture of one of our beaches so you can daydream your way to Cap Cana!