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Source: El Tiempo

The president of the District Board of the tourist destination of Punta Cana, Ramón Ramírez, presented the freshwater fish “Cyrinodon Higuey” within the framework of the tourism fair that he organized with the World Federation of Tourist Cities, based in Beijing. In this business framework, Ramírez delivered a representation made by local artisans of this unique species that is part of the Laguna Bávaro Wildlife Refuge, and which has been declared by the District Board, as the emblematic fish of the Punta Cana destination.

“As mayor of this Municipal District, one of the goals we have set ourselves is to promote the quality and skill of our artisans, motivating the creation of this type of works of art that represent our diversity and beauty,” said Ramírez. The tourism fair was held in Cap Cana and had the participation of a large delegation of businessmen, tour operators and investors from People’s China, who held business meetings with local representatives from the hotel, tour operator, aquatic and travel agencies sectors, among others. “With this first major meeting we hope to lay the foundations for our destiny to become one of the preferred ones in the Chinese market, which has become the first tourist country in the world, with the particularity that is increasingly interested in new and authentic offers based on local culture and nature. In this sense, our country has a lot to offer, “said Ramírez.

This activity is part of a series of actions carried out by Mayor Ramírez to strengthen the international ties of this tourist destination & to strengthen it with the main pole of the country and the Caribbean. In the last two years, collaboration and commonwealth agreements have been signed with Celaya México; Fuerteventura in Spain and Medley Florida.