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Source: Travel Pulse

Photo: Scape Park’s Hoyo Azul

The Dominican Republic is a geographically diverse, culturally rich oasis in the Caribbean that has something for everyone. From the powdery-sand beaches, long mountain regions, natural pools and dense jungles to the local arts, sports, music and shops there is a draw for every kind of traveler at any age.

As the second-largest country in the Caribbean, there is a wide range of activities in the Dominican Republic that will suit all generations. The beaches are a perfect place for parents and grandparents to relax with a drink in hand while kids can splash about in the calm waters or partake in a number of water sports.

The capital of Santo Domingo, meanwhile, is great for a daytime excursion, where adults can enjoy the shops and cafes while children will be stimulated by the city’s lively atmosphere.

While there are general activities and sites that will appeal to all ages, the Dominican Republic is so big that there are plenty of pursuits for travelers with specific interests to enjoy with their families or companions. Athletes and sports fans can enjoy the seemingly infinite number of golf courses on the islands and the country’s favored sport, baseball. Explorers can experience their own adventures through scuba diving, caving, ziplining and hiking, all of which provide children-friendly options for families to participate in.

History buffs and scholars can peruse the island’s many museums and theaters that exemplify the Dominican Republic’s culture. National parks can also be found all over the country, where nature-lovers can immerse themselves in the local flora and fauna.

Naturally, the Caribbean island is full of all-inclusive luxury resorts that make it difficult to leave. There are plenty of features at a Dominican resort for all guests to enjoy: pools, spa treatments, lounges, restaurants, nightclubs and special events for kids. With a majority of the country’s resorts settled on the pristine beaches, visitors are given all they need to enjoy their vacations with their loved ones.

The energetic island also hosts many events that welcome tourists to partake and enjoy. From fairs celebrating the arts to music festivals to sporting events, there are plenty of reasons for families and groups to leave their resorts to explore the beauty of the Dominican Republic.