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Source: Metro RD

In the summer edition of the “DR Jazz Festival 2019”, held in Cap Cana at Los Establos, jazz and salsa teamed up to give the public a spectacular night with presentations by the Cuban pianist, Chucho Valdés, the Dominican salsa singer, José Alberto “El Canario”, the North American saxophonist, Walter J. Smith III & the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. The musical presentation of Walter Smith, who demonstrated his talent and skills to make the audience vibrate to the sound of the saxophone consisted in melodies by: July, L.A. (Parfois), ACE and Himorme with the Berklee Global Jazz Institute.

This artist who is also a composer was followed by the respected Cuban pianist, Chucho Valdés, winner of six Grammy and three Latin Grammy awards, and a career that made him the most influential figure in modern Afro-Cuban Jazz. His repertoire included the themes: “Gonga dance”, “Son 21”, “Tango”, “Chucho’s Mood”, “Ochur”, “100 years of Bebo”, “But not for me”, “Guajira”, “El Guije ”,“ Los Gueros ”and closed with“ Afro Funk ”. After Chucho’s presentation the Festival took a more danceable turn when the Dominican salsa artist José Alberto “El Canario” took the stage. With his charisma he performed the song “Lady”. He also interpreted: “Dream”, “Cuban Fantasy”, “There is a run run”, “Amarrao compe”, “Wild love”, “Tonight looks good”, “Dance dancing”, “Paella”, “Let’s dance again”, “Photos and memories”, among other themes that, with his usual energy, made those present sing and dance in front of the stage of the “DR Jazz Festival 2019 ”.

The backdrop was made with works by the plastic artist, Adolfo Faringthon with different flags representing the unity of the Latin countries.

FEDUJAZZ highlighted the work done by the entity, to provide two days of full of learning and music. 200 infants of low income and resources were benefited with music workshops The event was supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Cap Cana, the US Embassy, ​​Secrets Cap Cana Resorts and Spa and Karisma.