Article repost from Confidencial Colombia

Article translation by POLI

Simple, relaxed and spectacular natural scenery, that’s how  Little John is, a restaurant where the rumba, celebrations of memorable dates, dinner or just a drink with friends, run on the tab of Juanillo, the redhead that for the past  5 years has pleased all visitors of the site.

The story goes that many years back at a unique and spectacular beach a redhead sailor arrived. At that point in time, only native indians inhabited the beach and found the redhead sailor very peculiar due to his fish shaped beard. Our unique sailor was named sarcastically Little John cause of his large and robust physique. Little John learned the native language and told the natives “You can call me Juanillo” a translation of the nickname appointed by the natives.

This character became so popular among the natives, that the locals decided to name the beach after him, Juanillo Beach. Nowadays the unique sailor opened up his own restaurant and used his original nickname, Little John, to differentiate his business from the beach.

With views to the beach, crossover music, creative cocktails and an internationally diversified menu, Little John has become the perfect venue for any occasion.

Located in the posh enclave of Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic, this spot mixes the natural scenery with the hippie style of its decor, making it unique within the region.

Throughout its five years in the market it has achieved international recognition for excellent service and exquisite food, establishing an atmosphere like no other in the area. “The most important thing for us is to make you feel at home and that is what we strive for every day,” says Carlos, the owner.

His iconic ” Juanillo Submarine Van “, lifeguard chairs, and the natural setting makes it the perfect place for the best photos of anyone’s trip.