The Dominican Republic will host the 2016 FCBEscola Las Américas International Tournament. It is the first time that this sporting event of the academy of the Futbol Club Barcelona is celebrated in Latin America, something that positions Dominican Republic in the world map of this sport like official headquarters of the Americas and favors the country’s brand abroad.

The FCBEscola training tournament that has been held annually for 7 years in Barcelona, Spain, to gather football through children from different schools and countries, will take place this time, from 16 to 18 December in Cap Cana, and will be attended by more than 30 FCBScola teams from around the world.

About 350 players in the Pre-training, Training and Pre-competition categories will meet at this meeting. A championship in which, for the first time, the Barcelona training teams will compete in Latin America, and will include the 26 FC Barcelona schools, as well as representatives from 8 countries, including soccer powers such as Brazil, the United States, Japan , Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Spain.

“The fact that the FC Barcelona Football School has set its sights on the Dominican Republic is a message that the country has an important international potential in football. In fact, last year the country ranked among the top ten Teams, “said Fabeka Lebrón, the school’s representative in the Dominican Republic.

During the three days of the championship, national and international guests, important football figures as well as executives from FCBEscola International, will meet in Cap Cana to celebrate this international tournament.