Cap Cana, Ciudad Destino, La Altagracia, Monday, February 28, 2022. Fernando Hazoury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cap Cana, positively valued the achievements of the government during his year and a half in office, highlighted in the accountability speech of the constitutional president Luis Abinader this February 27 in the National Congress.

Hazoury applauded the management of all those who make up the ministerial cabinet, despite the fact that the country, like the world, is just emerging from a health crisis experienced by COVID-9 that has resulted in a large-scale international economic crisis.

He recalled that the government began its management during the pandemic where the economy was paralyzed by the quarantine, and it was thanks to the excellent management of the State and the support of the private sector, that it remained stable. An example was the grace periods for payments and the reduction of legal reserves in banks. The government developed strategies that have allowed the satisfactory reactivation of economic areas, such as the case of the tourism sector, the export sector, the free zone sector, the real estate, and the construction sector, among others.

With the activation of these various sectors, the effects of the crisis have had a less impact on Dominican society and have allowed the recovery of jobs that were lost during the months of quarantine and state of emergency.

He indicated that a tangible example of this is that we were one of the top 10 countries with the highest economic growth in the world in 2021 with a GDP of more than 12 percent, being the main recipient of foreign direct investment from Central America and the Caribbean with inflows net of more than 3 billion dollars.

Likewise, Hazoury congratulated the vaccination plan and the control measures of the health cabinet for which more than 57 billion Dominican pesos were made available, with which, in addition to solving the primary and important health issue, they were vital and essential in the recovery of the confidence of foreign tourists to develop safe tourism that made us an example as a country before the world. He assured that this is reflected in the increase in statistics that show that the Dominican Republic has broken the record of visitors in recent months, which also meant more than 5,400 million in foreign currency, adding exchange stability in an environment of high external prices.

He remembered that as indicated by President Abinader, in 2021, 47 new tourism projects were approved with 9,423 rooms and 1,700 million dollars in investment, in addition to the more than 8,000 rooms currently under construction, which demonstrates the boom and exponential growth of real estate and hotel tourism in the country for the next 3 years. “There is no doubt that the extraordinary work carried out by the tourism cabinet in the last 18 months, led by President Abinader and headed by the tourism minister, has resulted in the total recovery of the sector in the country, after having experienced the worst situation of tourism worldwide generated by the pandemic”, he stated.

The businessman added: “For a few months now we have been immersed in an international inflationary crisis, known to all, as a result, equally, of the health crisis. The increase in the cost of oil, the increase in prices that have impacted the increase in the family basket, as well as other economic issues, unfortunately, are not problems that are solved with the daily hard work of our president or with a decree, especially after a pandemic for which neither we nor the world was prepared. They are great international economic problems that impact us head-on”.

He indicated that the country must be alert and aware that worrying moments are also currently being experienced due to the military confrontations that are taking place between the countries of Russia and Ukraine. This situation, which seems distant from our country, could directly hit all sectors since, with an additional rise in oil and natural gas, fuels would increase again, which in turn would impact other commodities, which could mean another strong blow to the economy.

“But our president has shown that he is doing well and that he knows how to lead in times of crisis, so he once again deserves the vote of confidence and support from all Dominicans,” concluded Hazoury.