Veterinary medicine has undergone some extraordinary developments in recent years, especially when it comes to horses. The current level of demand for equestrian sports and the high profiles of many horse owners have brought equine medicine to the forefront of major scientific advances.

The Los Establos equestrian center has a veterinary clinic offering equine dentistry, surgery, blood testing and reproductive biotechnology such as embryo transplant and frozen and fresh semen management. The operating theater is fully equipped with all of the facilities needed for performing any type of surgery: inhalational anesthetic and assisted respiratory machines, a hydraulic mobile operating table, an airbed on the operating table, arthroscopy, endoscopy, digital X-ray machine and ultrasound. Since its inauguration most of the procedures carried to date have been fetlock (metatarsophalangeal joints) and knee (carpal joints) arthroscopy.

According to clinic director Dr. Jose’ A. Hernandez, a healthy horse should undergo a veterinary checkup at least once a month. “In the case of horses used in exercises or high-performance competitions, a vet should examine them on a daily basis. ” The injuries most commonly treated at the Los Establos clinic are problems affecting the limbs – ligaments, tendons and joints.

Growing horses, from the moment they are separated from their mothers to the start of training, have high nutritional needs for their bone, muscular and cardio-pulmonary development. “Some commercial balanced feeds are available for each stage of development and grass is very important. As mono-gastric herbivores, horses should have access to grass at all times, whether fresh or conserved, ” said Dr. Hernandez.

Highly qualified personnel

Headed by Dr. lose A. Hernandez, the medical team working at the clinic consists of doctors Jose Garcia Blanco and Carlos J. Lizardo as well as an anesthetist. Alejandro Meneses. Dr. Hernandez who has provided services at Paso Fino competitions including the event held at Los Establos in November 2015, is a reproductive biotechnology expert who was taught by Dr. Juan Gaviria who entrusted him with his embryo washing and transfer methods, fresh and frozen semen and embryo management, freeing semen and embryos, and natural and artificial receptor management.