Puerto Rican angler Hans Mangual managed to release the 20,000th billfish in the history of the ILTTA International Tournament in its 77th edition held at Marina Cap Cana. The ILTTA International Tournament began in 1946 and since then has been celebrating every year the most important global sport fishing event.

Mangual, a member of the Playa Grande Yachting Club team of Venezuela, sailed the first day on the Sweet Bite boat, making the groundbreaking Blue Marlin release at 1126 hours.

77th ILTTA Tournament Highlights

The Puerto Rico Light Tackle Anglers # 2 team had outstanding scores after the first day of the seventy-seventh International Light Tackle Tournament Association held in Cap Cana under the organization of the Santo Domingo Yacht Club.

Alexie Barbosa, B-Way, Humberto Quintana (Emily) and Jesús Montano aboard the Blue Bird, are part of the Puerto Rican team that accumulates 500 points to overcome their compatriots at the San Juan Yacht Club, which freed 4 billfish occupying the second place.

The Nautical of San Juan is conformed by Manolo Matienzo, in the boat M & M; Ernesto Vasquez, in Paimidi, and Alex Báez in Islamar. The third place corresponds to the crew of the Santo Domingo Yacht Club # 2, which comprise José Luis Núñez, in Mi Gorda; Eduardo Read in Paimidi and Pedro Mella, who sails in the Liquid boat. This team accumulates 300 points.

La Paimidi, made up of fishermen Eduardo Read, Ernesto Vázquez and Carlos Montero accumulated 400 points to occupy the first position. Then follow B-Way (Scott Kozak, Alexie Barbosa and Dale Schroeder) with the same score. The third place is for Emily, also with 400 points and conformed by fishermen Humberto Quintana, Gabriel Fernandez and Carolina Mederos.

In the individual aspect, Ernesto Vázquez dominates the other fishermen with 300 points. During the day of Tuesday were released 40 specimens of which 36 were white marlins, two blue and two sailfish. For today (Thursday) is the day of rest and the organizing committee led by the engineer Raul Rizek has scheduled a series of social activities with the participants.