The Parent-Teacher Association of the Cap Cana Heritage School (PTA-CCHS) hosted the grand celebration of the Heritage School’s 10th Anniversary within the framework of Culture Week climaxing with its traditional cultural encounter, CCHS International Festival, in its 8th version.

Thursday, October 26, 2017; Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. The Cap Cana Heritage School (PTA-CCHS) Parent and Teacher Association hosted last Saturday, October 21, a great party for the 10th anniversary of the school. This magnificent celebration was within the framework of the 8th version of the CCHS International Festival.

Dominican Republic and United States, the festival hosts, were accompanied by totally new countries like: Australia, Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Honduras, China, Taiwan, Greece, Brazil, Ireland Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Holland, Ethiopia and Jamaica . This year the parents of each classroom were in charge of the assembly of the stand and the food that was offered during the event. Also the students of the school developed and studied the country assigned to its hall during the week before the festival.

Once the doors of the activity were opened the attendees passed to enjoy the gastronomic offer of each stand and to enjoy the cultural presentations to culminate with a concert with Hard Rock Cafe’s band, Mal de Amores, and a great cake for all the attendees.

We are happy to celebrate as a educational community 10 years of opening the Cap Cana Heritage School. We invite all to view below our celebration!