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How to Get Your Kids to Absolutely Love Fishing

Source:  Fishidy

Be prepared

Make sure you have all the gear you need before going out. The better you prepare, the more likely you’ll be to have success. Bring kid-friendly equipment. If you don’t own fishing gear, many places will rent equipment for the day. Do a quick search in your area to see if any shops near you have loaner equipment. It’s also important to research the type of equipment you’ll need for the species you’re trying to catch.


Like most activities with children, packing snacks is a must. Have some food and water close by to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Along with snacks, bring sunscreen and bug spray. Nothing takes the fun out of being outside like mosquitoes and sunburn.

Pick a proven spot

Take them to a spot that is known for a high success rate. Nothing gets a kid excited about fishing like catching a fish.  The more you can do to ensure that happens, the better. Visit the Punta Palmera Fishing Deck.

Keep it simple

Don’t get too fancy though. This trip should be about covering the basics. The fancier you get with lures and casts, the more likely you are to cause confusion and frustration. Keep it simple and easy to follow. You can build on that with any tricks you may have acquired once they’ve mastered the foundation skills.

Don’t force it

If this is your kid’s first time fishing, don’t expect to be out all day. In fact, you may be out for less than an hour. Remember, they’re new to this, and new things can become overwhelming very quickly. Be patient and respond to their needs. Be ready to explain the steps several times to them.

Go in with few expectations

Fishing with kids can differ greatly from the fishing you’re probably used to. It’s bound to be full of surprises, emotions, and a lot less quiet.

Let them splash around if that’s what they’d prefer, and be ready to go home empty-handed. When first taking your child fishing the goal should be to make it a pleasant experience more so than catching a fish. If you make the experience of fishing enjoyable the first time, the more likely they’ll be to want to fish again.


Every Easter Marina Cap Cana celebrates the Kids Fishing Fest. this is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to have an incredible fishing experience.  Visit our Facebook Page to see all pictures of this year’s event.