The most important party of Latin music arrives to its third edition in June of 2017 in Cap Cana, and will be transmitted live through the signal of HTV and TBS Veryfunny.

Colombia, February 2017.- After the second edition in mid-2016 in which the most important Latin American artists participated and in which the social work of Luis Fonsi was recognized, as well as the musical career of Ricardo Montaner, The HTV channel presents the third edition of the HEAT Latin Music Awards, the most relevant and greatest celebration of Latin music.

In 2017, the beautiful beaches of Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, will once again host the HEAT Latin Music Awards that will be held on June 8 in order to acknowledge the constancy, dedication and talent of the artists who were protagonists in the HTV channel throughout 2016 in thirteen categories:
Best Female Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Rock Artist, Best Pop Artist, Best Urban Artist, Best Tropical Artist, Best North Region Artist (includes artists from Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean) Best Andean Region Artist (artists from Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela) and Best South Region Artist (artists from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay), Revelation Award (this third edition will feature the novelty of being chosen by the public), Commitment Award and Gold Award, the latter two elected by editorial vote of the HTV signal.

During the second edition of the HEAT Latin Music Awards, hosted by Colombian presenter Jessica Cediel with Ismael Cala, which took place on the wonderful beach of Juanillo in Cap Cana, several renowned artists such as Joey Montana, Chino and Nacho, Marielle , Victor Manuelle, among others, presented the best of their repertoire in an unprecedented show that made all the audience vibrate.
The third edition of the HEAT Latin Music Awards will be broadcast by HTV and the TBS channel Veryfunny simultaneously, to celebrate in a unique way this new Latin music festival that will feature the most important Spanish-speaking artists that mark trend in the Music industry

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