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Featured article Cap Cana The Magazine

Cap Cana is a paradise for children as well as for adults. The ideal spot for kids to let their imagination run free, enjoy themselves to the fullest and develop a spirit of camaraderie is the Kelowha summer camp.

In order to ensure their healthy emotional development, we must protect their feeling of empowerment and self-responsibility without overprotecting or hovering over them to the point that they do not feel capable of exploring or making their own decisions. With this in mind, Kelowha Camp, in collaboration with the Cap Cana Heritage School, has designed a series of activities for children between the ages of 6 and 12, unique experiences that promote skills and values among the campers. The friendly community that it creates every summer allows each member to develop their self-confidence, achieve their goals, take initiatives and solve problems.

A unique quality of the summer program is the balance between giving campers the chance to choose their camp activities and the daily group dynamics and adventures. such as missions and races that unite all members, making lasting memories. The program includes beach fun, fishing, swimming, adventures, role-playing, singing around a campfire, walking the Scope Park trails, sailing on a catamaran, wakeboarding, soccer, tennis, archery, dance and horseback riding, cooking workshops, and much more.“