Featured article Cap Cana The Magazine

Author: Sadi Morales Gonzalez

We’ve always felt an inexplicable passion for horses from a very early age. There is no doubt that horses have always been among humanity’s best-loved animals. so it s not surprising that so many people feel drawn to interacting with these noble beasts. This dream can come true at has Establos, Cap Cana’s equestrian complex, which includes an academy where riders can receive instruction in show jumping and dressage.

The lessons, which are available from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily, are aimed at children and adults seeking an introduction to the sport of horse riding and wish to learn all of its disciplines. According to academy director Pedro Peralta, no prior knowledge or experience is needed and the minimum age for signing up for instruction is four.

“Our equestrian center has the best facilities in the Caribbean, with horses that have been tamed and especially trained for these sports. The instruction program consists of an introduction to handling the horse, meaning that first you learn to mount and then to trot, followed by show jumping training until you reach the top level. With dressage, we start out with the basics and then move on to continuous training, ” says Peralta, adding that horse lovers also have the option of going to the academy to ride horses on an occasional basis, and that ponies are available for children.

Regular contact with horses promotes social, emotional and affective skills in children. “Therefore, they are receiving equine therapy in a natural way. We are currently supporting a not-for-profit foundation by offering this kind of treatment free of charge,” adds Peralta.