Lancha Blackhawk gana el Cap Cana Classic Tournament

Source: Listin Diario

With a total of nine pieces released, seven of which corresponded to the blue species, the Blackhawk boat conquered the Cap Cana Classic Tournament 2021 over the weekend from the Blue Marlin, which was developed with more than 40 boats and about 150 fishermen from the United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Italy, Ukraine and the host Dominican Republic, under the direction of Salvador Egea Speech.

The winning boat scored five blue marlins, one white and one Sailfish on the first day and added two blue marlins on the second date to finish the event with 2,300 points. The second place was occupied by Sisu, with 2,200 points and the third position fell to Sandman, with 2,100 points.

Then followed Wicked Wahine and Tease Me, also with 2,100, while Marlin Darlin finished the event with 1,900 points.

Each duly released blue piece received 300 points, while the other species (White and Sailfish) accumulated 100 points each.

In the men’s individual line, Yerrison Millan stood out with five blue needles and one white in the Blackhawk boat, to finish with 1,600 points. The second box was taken by Harold Vicente in Sisu, with 1,200 points and third place went to Julio Rodríguez in Picarona, with the same score.

The young William Manning Jr., in Delta, released three blues to be the best in his category with 900 points. The best fisherwoman of the tournament was Virginia Manning in the Tease Me boat, scoring three blue marlins for 900 points.

The classic was developed under the modality of fishing and release, as part of the preservation and conservation policies of the peak species that the destination city has. During the closing ceremony, the executive president of Cap Cana, Jorge Subero Medina, thanked the participating countries and fishermen and urged them to continue supporting the tourist fishing organized by the group.

Both Subero Medina and Silvano Suazo, director of the Cap Cana Marina, together with Salvador Egea Speech, director of the tournament, gave prizes to the winners.