The Cap Cana Marina wins a Certificate of Excellence 2019, an award given by Trip Advisor. This honors businesses that deliver consistently great service across the world. This designation is presented to only a 10% of total businesses on TripAdvisor that have consistently achieved great reviews over the past year. There is no application process for the Certificate of Excellence, and the achievement is earned over time.

A lot of factors were key for this certificate the Marina has earned. First of all: it is an architectural work of art that causes a big impression on its visitors; second, the staff is very friendly, diligent & pay attention to detail. Our Marina is built inland, making it the safest one in the Caribbean. It has more than 130 boat slips and is known world-wide for its excellent sport fishing. It also works besides the Bill Fish Foundation by following the “Catch & Release” modality. The Bill Fish Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to conserving and enhancing billfish populations around the world.

Good things are happening for the Marina, including that tomorrow is the beginning of the emblematic Cap Cana Classic Fishing Tournament, with over 20 participating boats. The prize for the first place of this tournament is of USD$20,000. May the best fisher win!