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Source: El Tiempo

Photo: Abrahan García

The extreme sport of motocross has developed in the Eastern Region in the last few years. An example of this, are the relevant participation of native pilots of this region in national and international competitions. The Red Bull Romaniacs and Machete Hard Enduro  are wo of the international competitions that the members of Motoclub Bávaro (name of the motocross group in the area) have participated and obtained A list places. Some of the pilots who have excelled in this sport are Joan Carles, Oliver Levesque, José Cueto and Felipe Beltrán (President of Motoclub Bávaro).

Beltrán said that since they have increased the number of participants of Motoclub Bávaro in the competitions they have achieved a great advance in the sport. “We have more than 20 pilots that compete in national championships and 5 that we are in the international ones, where we have had a notorious participation”, said the president of the club.

About Motoclub Bávaro

This sports organization, directed by Beltrán, has about 20 years of experience with members from 8 years of age, which are part of tours that take place both in Verón, in Cap Cana & in other parts of the country. Beltrán said that the budget to start the motocross practice is approximately 1,000 dollars for a child and 3,500 dollars for an adult. At a professional level the budget is at least $ 10,000 dollars.

Motoclub Bávaro also has a school, where amateurs of this sport can be integrated and learn the techniques & skills of this discipline.

Classes are available for children, teenagers and adults; they are taught on a new motocross track in Cap Cana called Terra Inferno, where there is also a professional motocross track for experienced pilots. There is another track at Chozza, Downtown Punta Cana.