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Cámara de Diputados reconoce a la Ciudad Destino Cap Cana por 20 años de grandes inversiones turísticas y aportes a la economía del país.

  Santo Domingo- 7 de diciembre 2022. La Cámara de Diputados de la República Dominicana reconoció la mañana de este miércoles a la Ciudad Destino Cap Cana por sus 20 años desarrollando grandes inversiones en el turismo inmobiliario y hotelero que aportan significativamente a la economía del país y a su posicionamiento internacional.   Así lo… Continue Reading

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La ciudad destino Cap Cana celebró su tradicional Christmas Boat Parade.

  Cap Cana, República Dominicana – diciembre 2022– La ciudad destino Cap Cana dio el inicio a la Navidad con la celebración del tradicional desfile de botes “Christmas Boat Parade” de la marina Cap Cana.   Con la participación de más de 20 embarcaciones en un ambiente familiar y festivo, los propietarios pusieron de manifiesto… Continue Reading

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La Ciudad Destino Cap Cana y Aquiles Azar Billini inauguran el proyecto cultural “Sensorial”

Cap Cana, La Altagracia. En un emotivo evento en el marco de celebración de los 20 años de Cap Cana, la Ciudad Destino junto al artista plástico Aquiles Azar Billini inauguró la iniciativa cultural “Sensorial”.     Sensorial, es un proyecto innovador en donde intervienen de manera artística los principales lugares icónicos de Cap Cana,… Continue Reading

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Cap Cana: Home of Representative Species

In Cap Cana we live in a paradise full of natural resources that adorn the landscape with which we interact every day. We have representative plant and animal species that help the natural development of the city.   The Cimarrón Fig is a tree that can measure up to 20 meters. It can be found… Continue Reading

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Cap Cana for Toddlers

  Children are an essential part of our lives and we pride ourselves in having a great community in Cap Cana. Here you can discover various activities to do with your toddlers in our city.   Ride a bike. Pedal from Marina Cap Cana to Juanillo Beach. You can enjoy a great bike ride with… Continue Reading

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6K of exuberant landscapes

Cap Cana is made for athletes and we can prove it. Athletes are important in this great city, and that’s why we’ve got two routes for when you want to get your move on.

Whether on your feet or by bike, you can get to know Cap Cana from another perspective.

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Seaside dining options in Cap Cana

It’s no secret that we live in paradise and when we visit Cap Cana we feel close to heaven because the sea is the perfect complement to the paradise we call home.

So that you can enjoy your stay even more, we bring you the 5 most fascinating places where you can devourdelicious dishes while watching the sea.

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Mangroves: the guardians of our coasts

Mangroves are species of trees and shrubs that occur in the tropics and subtropics, forming clusters along the coastline. These species have adapted to live in brackish and/or saltwater, and to being (partially) submerged during high tides. They make up the transitional zone between the ocean and land.   In the Dominican Republic there are… Continue Reading

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Get to know the Southeast Reefs Marine Sanctuary (SAMAR)

In 2018, a group of 15 organizations allied with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MIMARENA) to sign a co-management agreement for the SAMAR, in order to jointly manage this protected area. Due to the large size of the sanctuary, these co-managers decided to distribute themselves into three management units, each in charge of a different zone: the Southern Zone Unit, the Central Zone Unit and the Eastern Zone Unit. The Cap Cana Foundation leads the Central Zone Unit and, together with all the co-managers of the three zones, works together to ensure the good health and ecological functioning of the marine ecosystems within the sanctuary.

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Marlin Fishing in the Dominican Republic

On a few, albeit all-too-rare occasions, I am absolutely convinced that you are destined to catch a certain fish before the boat has even left the dock. A case in point: the white marlin I caught recently in the Dominican Republic. The day had started off slowly, with just one fish showing the briefest interest… Continue Reading

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Alternative Balnearies to Beaches

  We’re all about sunny beach days, but if you’re visiting us and you’re not a so much of a beach lover we have other options for you. These are the natural pools that you cannot miss in Cap Cana:     Lago Azul Swimming becomes a journey when you can discover one of the… Continue Reading

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10 Most Instagrammable spots in Cap Cana

Destination City Cap Cana is listed as one of the most colorful destinations in the Dominican Republic. That’s why today, we’ve got 10 top spots for the photo-ops of your dreams .   Api Beach Gazebo One of the most iconic places in Cap Cana is the Api Beach gazebo. With California beach vibes, it… Continue Reading

Api Beach
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5 places to catch a star show in Cap Cana

It’s no secret that Cap Cana is paradise on earth; and for astronomy lovers, this paradise becomes the ideal place to view starry sky shows every night.   Here are the top 5 places to view starry nights:   Farallon Cap Cana Los Establos, Equestrian City Juanillo Beach Punta Espada Golf Club Api Beach  … Continue Reading

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The largest telescope in region landed in Cap Cana

Built with a 25-inch mirror from NASA, the largest telescope in the region landed in Cap Cana last September. Márohu, the Taíno god of clear skies.   With the participation of more than 100 spectators from the community, 5 variety of telescopes including Márohu, the owners and visitors of Cap Cana were able to enjoy… Continue Reading

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Cap Cana joins the National Census

CAP CANA CITY DESTINATION WILL BE COUNTED. The National Census represents the largest and most important statical operation carried out in the Dominican Republic. Based on the information gathered, it will be possible to define, implement, adjust and evaluate the plans, programs, policies and strategies for human development implement by the Dominican Government to adequately… Continue Reading