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Hello Fiebruses. The COVID19 have made us reflect on what really matters in order to live fully. Many write about this topic on social networks and one of the things that has become tangible is how separated we were, even having the best means of communication at hand, to the point that this separation has dehumanized and desensitized the human being. Fortunately, something positive comes out of everything, and I hope that looking after others will become a trend.

I bring this up because there is a movement in the country aimed at meeting the needs of caddies, and fortunately, many golfers responded to that call. In this case, I want to thank the Dominican Golf Association (DGA), and The Latin America Golf Activities (LAGA), both leagues based in NY and NJ as well as golfers from other states like Miami and Washington, and also to the locals who had the confidence to donate resources that I personally distributed to caddies in Punta Cana, Juan Dolio, Santiago and Cayacoa. To them, to leagues, associations, and private and public institutions, on behalf of our caddies, THANK YOU. Keep keeping the ball in your houses.

Millions of dollars invested. The brands have trailers in which the investment exceeds 7 figures, all oriented to the needs of their players.

How do brand trailers operate in Tournaments?
Every time we go to an event of any professional tour we find a designated place for those huge trailers or vans fully equipped with traveling workshops and qualified personnel to work the sticks of the players. I found an article on mygolfspy.com that I found interesting, which allows us to learn more about this “culture” that is normally located “behind the scenes”. Enjoy it.

The greater the resources, the greater the presence. Depending on the size of the company and the personnel of the player under contract, the trailer is designed to meet the needs of those players, so the bigger the company, the bigger the facility. These vans or trailers are fully equipped with everything necessary to build, adjust and alter clubs, as well as stock items that are distributed to the player’s staff every week (jackets, shoes, balls, gloves, clothing and caps), as well as grips. and rods. These companies are sparing no resources when it comes to equipping these trailers by investing millions of dollars in them, and many brands have trailers equipped with gyms, clinics, dining rooms, rest rooms, sauna, bathrooms, and other “knick knacks” to pamper their stars .

Is it NASCAR or golf? The parking lots appear to be a NASCAR event and not a golf tournament. Naturally, the expense goes far beyond the van; It takes a big head to move everything from one place to another, which requires a team of drivers and technicians. The typical calendar during the year is 30 to 40 tournaments, especially if the franchise player of a certain brand is participating. The larger the player’s company, brand and staff, the greater the combination of these teams will be needed if they have to play, for example, on the east and west coast in consecutive weeks. At the end of last year, several companies consolidated their operations due to costs and the downturn in the economy (for example, Cleveland / Srixon and Titleist / Cobra).

How do smaller companies operate? Maybe you think there is a representative for each player, but this only applies to big brands like Titleist, Cobra, Callaway, Cleveland, Srixon and Nike. These companies have the “big” trucks, while, for example, Ping, Bridgestone, True Temper, Adams, and Mizuno have vans that can move on their own or are pulled by light trucks. But don’t be fooled, because even if they seem small, they are equipped with the same tools to make or modify clubs, without the luxury of having a players’ room or a place to drink coffee after a round. This brings us to smaller companies like Solus Golf, which has only three vans, which are called “independent contractors,” which smaller companies pay for services based on their size and needs. Some companies like the wands only want limited technology services, but need the product to be transported and stored at each stop on the tour. These companies allow small businesses to tailor their needs to their respective budgets, hovering between $ 3,000 and $ 40,000 per event.

Take for example a truck that has been on the road the longest and has one of the best contractors available, ProTour Services. They are hired to store, inventory and provide technology services between 30 and 35 events per season. In addition, there is the presence part of the brand. Each van needs a place to work and its mobile workshop offers exactly that, with logo displays on the exterior of the truck, an image that millions of people across the country see, in addition to giving players the identification of particular brands that can be looking at an event. This supplier also works with other smaller companies such as Wilson Staff, Aldila, UST, Graphite Design, Golf Pride, Winn, Maui Jim, Soft Spikes, Oban, Skycaddie, Rife and Fourteen.

As you can see, the market for trailers, vans, trucks and other applications is a vital aspect for the life of the tour.

* Miguel Angel Jiménez and Mark Lawrie in our LIVES. This week we had a “main course” with these two figures. If you missed them, wait for both shows on CDN Sports, the one for MAJ is going this week, and the one for Mark in just days. Remember to follow @fiebredegolf on IG, as well as our Golf Fever channel on YouTube. * PGA Tour launches University Major. I think it’s one of the big news for the week, and now the fourth-year first division students will have their own Tour-sponsored major. What a news! Details are on our website. * Slowly, the fields are opening. Punta Blanca has already officially announced it, Metro is still the oasis for everyone, Punta Espada launched its 10-round rate (which is deadly), I understand that Playa Dorada and Guavaberry also opened and Cayacoa also for members, although limited, and Puntacana and Casa de Campo supposedly open hotels and fields on July 1, etc. All right! * For Argentina in November. Already working the details of the trip. Then I give details. * Respect distancing. We cannot “let our guard down” in the face of the pandemic. Take care of yourself and maintain hygiene measures.

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