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RD wins 1st place in Hard Enduro Terra Inferno in Cap Cana

RD wins 1st place in Hard Enduro Terra Inferno in Cap Cana

Source: CDN

The Dominican Republic reached first place as the winning country of the IV edition of the Hard Enduro race, Terra Inferno, which took place in Cap Cana. With the award of the outstanding Panamerican runners, the country qualifies for the next Enduro and Hard Duro World Championship next year.

The winners in the Panamerican category were pilot Cody Web from the United States for first place. While the second place went to Mario Román from Spain and the third to Maiki Dorrejo from the Dominican Republic.

In the Latin American category, the winners were Maiki Dorrejo in the first place, Jobel Coronado in the second, and Brayan Corona in the third.

A classic enduro is a circuit that includes sections of Caribbean jungles and even a huge mine. The drivers will have a limited time to complete the laps of the circuit, achieving their best times in the speed stages.

A Hard Endura is an explosive night race that will have the riders face the most extreme terrain. Previous “Hot Lap” laps of each driver on the same circuit will determine the starting order for the challenging final.


Country category Hard Enduro Terra Inferno winners


The winners of this championship in the winning country category were the Dominican Republic in first place.

Costa Rica in second place and Peru in third place.

The Panamerican and Latinamerican Championship race featured the participation of more than 37 of the best Enduro riders in the world.

Representatives from Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Spain, Peru among other countries in addition to the national runners.

The IV edition of Terra Inferno was organized by the Dominican Motorcycling Federation (FDM).

With the collaboration of the Latinamerican Motorcycle Federation (FIM-LAM) and the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM).

It was sponsored by Red Bull, Activa, Dunlop, Ecoservices, Falken, Promadera, S3 and X-Bionic.