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Scape Park: the spot in Cap Cana where you can find incredible adventure and fun

In this park, rest on the beach is exchanged for adrenaline. There are dizzying activities and calmer and cultural experiences.

When we think of Punta Cana, what comes to mind is an environment of tranquility, rest, and beach. However, Scape Park is the exact opposite of all this as it shows its visitors the adventurous side of the island. The park is in Cap Cana, about an 18-minute drive from Punta Cana. It is a green space where you can live experiences with a lot of adrenaline and others that are more calm and cultural.

Altogether there are 12 adventures you can choose from. The first one is called Saltos Azules and, as you can see from the name, it is a slide with a rope from which you can jump into a large pool of transparent water with waterfalls and caves. This activity already causes some vertigo, but the next one is unsuitable for those who are afraid of heights.

The Zip Line Eco Adventure takes you up an incredible cliff, through rock climbing and eight zip lines that make it feel like you’re flying through the treetops. If you like adrenaline, but prefer to have your feet on the ground, buggies are waiting for you. This will be a speed adventure through narrow dirt tracks, puddles of water, and mud, all along a path inside the jungle.

Hoyo Azul is perfect for beach fans. This activity takes you to discover a hidden cenote, with incredible turquoise water, surrounded by impressive caves. Entering the more cultural aspect, there is the Iguabonita Cave and the Cultural Route. In the first one, you can explore an underground network of tunnels and caves with fascinating geological formations. For this activity, you will need to bring closed shoes or shoes suitable for the water.

In the second cultural adventure, Scape Park offers you a simulation of the real-life of Taino Indians, Spanish conquerors, African slaves, and Dominican peasants. It’s a journey back in time, with replicas of their houses and customs, and all this while enjoying a walk through nature.

In addition, there are also several activities prepared for animal lovers. The first is El Rancho where you can have contact with farm animals. Among them are horses, goats and ponies.

If you don’t like farms so much, but reptiles, Iguanaland is ideal for you. In this adventure, you can have a close encounter with the rhinoceros iguanas. This is a species of reptile that only exists in the Dominican Republic and is at risk of extinction. Its name comes from the tip of its snout, which is very similar to that of a rhinoceros.

More cheerful and colorful are the Parrot Island parrots. This bird is considered one of the most intelligent and some species, such as the macaws, can live more than 80 years. This activity will bring you a lot of excitement and fun. On Monkey Island the animals don’t fly, but they are great jumpers. It is home to not only capuchin monkeys, but also squirrel monkeys. They are very fun species that just want to jump, climb and play.

Completely different from other activities is the Sunshine Cruise. You will leave the grounds of Scape Park to enjoy a catamaran trip along the coast of Cap Cana. This journey includes a reef diving experience and a visit to Juanillo Beach. As this is a longer activity, an open bar and some meals are available.

There are three packages you can buy to participate in these adventures. The first includes all adventures with the exception of Sunset Cruise and buggies. It costs around €118 for adults and €63 for kids aged between six and 12. The second package already includes the Sunset Cruise and is, therefore, €146 for adults and €81 for youngsters. The last package includes all activities, including buggies for €155 for adults and €100 for kids.

If you have read the article this far and are interested in visiting Scape Park, all you need to do is book this NiTtravel package to Punta Cana for €1080 per person on an all-inclusive basis.

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