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Source: Secrets Cap Cana

500 face masks were generously donated by Executives of Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa to the Fire Department, the Municipal Police, the Tourist Police (POLITUR) and the Federation of Neighborhood Councils of Verón, Punta Cana.

Said protective masks were manufactured by Secrets Cap Cana employees within an average period of 10 days, and underwent various tests to evince their effectiveness and compliance with the highest quality standards.

“It’s in moments like these, in which medical supplies so essential to the protection against this epidemic become increasingly scarce, where we must all put forth our best effort to do our bit towards helping those unsung heroes behind the scenes who, at risk to their own lives, are working day by day for the community”, said Lionel Gómez, general manager of Secrets Cap Cana.

Delivery was made by the mayor of the Verón Tourist District in Punta Cana, Manolito Ramírez, on behalf of Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa.