Good things, as they say, are here to stay, and this category includes Sole D’Il Prato, an obligatory stop in Cap Cana since 2015. This boutique in the Marina offers all the casual chic- beach lifestyle essentials: bathing suits, bags, beach dresses/sarongs, sunglasses, footwear and more.


The owners, Lissette Lora de Hazoury and Tuqui Rizek de Acebal, had been planning to expand to Cap Cana for some time. “We wanted to introduce a “pop-up” store that would be open during high season to provide a kind of mélange with creations by Dominican designers, ” says Lissette.


The idea was to cater to the needs of the discerning tourists who visit Cap Cana by providing unique items while promoting local talent. The initiative was warmly received, so Tuqui and Lissette decided to leave the shop open. all year round. What makes Sole so distinctive is the balance between

trendy and chic and a mixture of “high” and “low. These two fashion lovers’ clinical eye enables them to spot what will be popular and what will be in fashion. “Tuqui has spent more than 15 years with one of the country}: most distinguished stores, so her experience helps us make a special selection, ” Lissette points out.


Sole D’ll Prato sells handcrafted items from a long list of international brands and designers from Mexico, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and the Dominican Republic: Lemlem NYC, Lolo, Missoni, Yoanny Garcia, Sarah Cury, Rocio Jimenez, Rococo Sand, Milonga, Encantadora… The boutique is open Mondays to Sundays, [0:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.