Summer is a time of the year where no matter what’s going on in the world we all want to get some outside activities and soak up the sun. Outdoor recreation is Cap Cana’s second name. For some, the simple thought of leaving hectic cities to enjoy an endless Caribbean summer is what brings happiness and motivation for #StaySafe days.

Lay in the sand, cannonball into pools, while maintaining social distance to continue flattening the curve.

Here are some #StaySafe outdoor ideas that you can do with your family this summer:

-Ride a bike through our 15 km bike path. You can visit Marina Cap Cana and make your way to Caletón.

-Run through our 15 km bike path, test your limits!

-Play tennis at Golden Bear Lodge

-Enjoy a pool day, with social distance

-Visit Juanillo Beach or Marina Cap Cana Beach, with social distance

-Go birdwatching

-Do a workout at Juanillo Beach or Marina Cap Cana Beach

-Say hello to the sun with some outdoor yoga!

-Stroll around Marina Cap Cana

-Stroll around Fishing Lodge

-Visit Farallón for some awesome views of Cap Cana

-Play Golf at Punta Espada

-Fly a kite at Los Establos

-Tired of the beach and pool? Head over to Lago Azul in Marina Cap Cana for a different experience!

-Teach the little ones how to fish at the Fishing Deck, near Punta Palmera in Marina Cap Cana.

-Do you need a place to work, use the internet and print documents? Marina Cap Cana’s Captaincy is now a co-working space for Cap Cana owners and residents. Social distance is required for use.

-Friday afternoon’s are booked with Cap Cana Sunset Concerts