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Learning how to eat correctly does not mean following strict nutrition philosophies nor does it refer to staying extremely thin, it’s about looking good and feeling well, having more energy and staying as healthy as possible. The important thing is to discover what works for each person and consuming the right foods at the right time. Tata and Marce share the same passion and lifestyle, they are mothers, businesswomen, lovers of fitness and healthy eating. They currently are Adidas athletes, Reebok ambassadors, master trainers of POWER PLATE in Colombia, authors of the books The Fun2fit and Fun2eat method and AAFA certified trainers.

Eden Roc Cap Cana, Cap Cana & Power Fit Gym brings Tata Gnecco, Fabio Starita & Diego Pachón this Saturday to the wellness event, Fun2Fit. It will consist in a talk about the Fun2Fit Method followed by an exercise class at 9:00 AM at Eden Roc Cap Cana’s Beach Club.

About Tata Gnecco

I was born exercising & since I was a child I played soccer with the children at school, something that was not common for girls at that time, it was considered that sports were for men. I started being an archer because I wasn’t that good, but I was learning, did not give up and finished being the lead.

About Fun2Fit

Fun2Fit is a manual that seeks to guide all people who are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. The principle with which you work in Fun2Fit is to mislead the body in exercise, in food and in daily life, so that it can continue to progress and not stagnate. Creativity is basic and indispensable when designing routines, which is why with withn this method you will find a lot of exercises for all types of training and level. The Fun2Fit method is not just a way of exercising, it is a lifestyle where food plays a key role. This method is perfect to achieve a fit life in a fun and simple way. Fun2Fit offers semi-personalized training, designed and focused to meet the objectives and needs of thecustomers. In addition to this, the Fun2Fit method can be provided remotely for those who do not have the opportunity to assist the Fun2Fit Gym. Clients can rest assured that with great love and responsibility their plan will be valued, studied and designed to achieve their goals.