The first version of the Mercedes Trophy Tournament

The invitational world amateur golf series, exclusively for Mercedes-Benz customers, was held for the first time in the Dominican Republic. This is the Mercedes Trophy, which brought together 108 players at the Punta Espada Golf Course, Cap Cana.

Each year the fair brings together more than sixty thousand golfers in more than 60 countries and shows the connection between sport and lifestyle that reflects the luxury status of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The winners of the first places in categories A, B and Ladies were: José Gómez Beato, César Rodríguez and Margarita Pardo Gamundi.

The Mercedes Trophy has a three-stage tournament structure. First, there are the local invitational tournaments, where players can qualify for the national or regional finals.

The regional final will be held in Mexico and the world final in Stuttgart, Germany in September 2022