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The largest telescope in region landed in Cap Cana

Built with a 25-inch mirror from NASA, the largest telescope in the region landed in Cap Cana last September. Márohu, the Taíno god of clear skies.


With the participation of more than 100 spectators from the community, 5 variety of telescopes including Márohu, the owners and visitors of Cap Cana were able to enjoy the greatest sky show September had to offer.


The moon was nearly full on the night of September 8, where it was visible alongside a bright Saturn from the southeast. All night it was noticeable that they traveled the same path that the sun had during the day.


September was a spectacular month for astronomy lovers to enjoy sky shows from the comforts of Cap Cana. The full harvest moon was on the 10th, and the opposition of Neptune, which means that the planet was right in front of the sun, occurred on the 16th. In this sense, Jupiter enters opposition approximately every 13 months, which is the time it takes for the Earth to travel once around the sun relative to Jupiter. According to EarthSky, it will be in opposition again on November 2, 2023, so all those who attended this great show will have the opportunity to save the date, and witness Jupiter’s opposition next year!